Culture and Community

A place for wellness. The design of the studio is intentionally warm comfortable and casual to ensure a welcoming inclusive and inspiring environment.

Culture and Community


● Architectural design, finishes and furniture have a casual residential and hospitality tone creating an inclusive and welcoming environment.

● The traditional formal reception desk has been replaced by a hospitality-style table in a living room like “welcome zone” with our concierge nearby to assist visitors and staff alike, or they can use the virtual check-in on an iPad at the door.

● Spaces are open and connected; allowing staff and clients to be inspired by work in progress and the buzz of activity in social and collaborative space.

● In-person meetings with appropriate AV and technology in a variety of room sizes and types, as well as social events in our café and large forum space have resulted in an increase in people coming together at the studio.

● Places to rejuvenate such as the large bright café with expansive views support moments of rest and social activities.

● The provision of fresh fruit, filtered water and fresh herbs encourages healthy habits.

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