Master Planning & Urban Design

Creating environments that foster connectivity to achieve vision and enrich lives.
Project photo: Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre,
Halifax, NS

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Planning for human experiences

Like great architecture, great planning inspires change. It promotes new and improved ways of living and fundamentally has the power to enrich lives. We approach every planning project through this lens ― to create the best human experience possible.

Our urban design and master planning projects span the globe. We create urban sites, communities, and even entire cities. From planning of educational, residential, commercial, industrial and healthcare precincts, we create whole environments that foster connectivity to achieve your vision and business goals.

We collaborate with you to make the invisible, visible. From inception to completion, we create value from this 'in-between thinking' to discover the connection between people and space.

We encourage you to explore our planning projects, the exciting ideas they embody, and the people involved in their creation. Get in touch to learn more.

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Alan Nakaska, Vancouver

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