How resilient is the Canadian workplace?

2022 National Workplace Survey Report


Creating a resilient workplace


In our research report, How resilient is the Canadian workplace?, we capture the transformative journey Canadian business leaders have made over the last three years in response to COVID-19. We also provide an understanding of the successes and challenges underpinning this journey and the organizational benefits that have come from deploying new ways of working.


Surveying 384 organizations with 75+ employees across the country, we found those that went into COVID-19 with a hybrid-working or remote-working model, had fewer negative impacts on employees and culture, and more positive impacts on finance during the pandemic.

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We also found that the benefits of adopting a hybrid model have been realized with 78% of Canadian employers deploying a hybrid-working model, and 71% planning to do so into the future, compared to 36% pre-pandemic.

Despite 89% of survey respondents recognizing that COVID-19 has changed Canadian workplaces forever, and 86% reporting that the COVID-19 experience has demonstrated that employees can be trusted to work well remotely, 70% believe polarized views about hybrid working are holding their organization back. In addition, 69% indicated that leadership is out of touch with the need for more flexible work arrangements.

The disconnect between upper management and employees is a clear signal that attention is needed to support and coach People Leaders on how to successfully manage a more distributed and flexible workforce.” Suzanne Campbell, Principal

Develop your roadmap


Evidence suggests that there are likely to be future challenges as work models evolve. With proper planning and innovative workplace strategies, you can ensure you’re creating an adaptive and resilient environment to attract new talent and grow successfully. Here are some actions you can take to begin your workplace transformation.

Workplace transformation is a process of discovery that you can’t predict until the journey begins. For some organizations, an easy starting point could be a hybrid-office pilot, leveraging existing assets to test a new way of working.” Kim Green, Principal

Contact us by email to receive the full report, How Resilient is the Canadian Workplace?

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