Kim Green

Principal - Interior Design


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Business success comes through innovation and igniting the human experience, and interior design can create the perfect catalyst.

With over 30 years of experience, I co-lead the Workplace Interior Design studio in Kasian’s Calgary office. I guide clients through major interior design projects involving multiple team members, high levels of responsibility and often dramatic change. As principal and Workplace sector co-chair, I’m a passionate advocate for the client’s goals and objectives. As a dynamic and efficient project team leader, I balance design solutions with project budgets and schedules. My organization and team management skills are my secret weapons in bringing client-focused designs to life. I understand the impact a built environment has on corporate brand and culture, employee wellness and productivity, and the support of business goals. This is reflected in my award-winning portfolio and widely-respected reputation for creating elegant yet practical interiors.


My Sectors: Workplace.

My Services: Interior Design.


We asked, Kim Green answered:


What do you love most about the work you do?

“I get to create work environments where people can be happy and feel truly connected to one another, which goes a long way in supporting business success.”


What’s your process?

“I’m always juggling lots of different things at any given time, balancing project work with mentoring the team. I strive to maintain a collaborative studio environment — we have a great mixture of different kinds of people, who like to work and socialize together. There’s a sense that you can reach out to anybody for help — even if you’re working on something by yourself, you are supported. Each sector is stronger with our connections, and we don’t feel that geographical separation as much now with increased remote working. We can still maintain watercooler chat!”