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We create environments that promote vitality and connected urban places.
Project photo: Yorkville Village, Toronto, ON

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Creating seamless experiences

The future of commercial and mixed-use is about being in tune with shifting demand and what drives consumer behaviour. This requires a deeper level of interrogation, cross-disciplinary thinking, and an understanding that customers, more than ever, want choice, authenticity, value, and seamless experiences.

We have over 35 years of experience designing commercial projects across Canada and internationally. Our portfolio consists of new builds as well as complex, phased renovations. We thrive on the complexity of challenging site configurations, multi-partner projects, phased sites and leverage our local market knowledge to simplify approval processes. Most importantly, we live in the communities we create and explore place from a user's perspective ― planning holistically to create environments that promote vitality and connected urban places.

At its root, we apply a human-centred approach to each stage of the design process in a completely integrated fashion. Our team works seamlessly, so that the most appropriate expertise is at the table from day one. We question and interrogate through the lens of the 'experience', so that every element of a project is designed to meet its fullest potential. Based on the project requirements and scale, our interior designers, architects and specialists will be brought in early, in some cases to lead projects with support from other disciplines, to ensure the design is being considered from the inside-out.

Our evidence of success lies with our repeat clients, who trust and value our approach, expertise, and commitment to strengthening their brand through design. Our mixed-use team has leveraged its experience working on masterplans, new builds and renovations, and on both sides of tenant/landlord lease agreements. We have in-depth experience working with commercial developers, municipalities, municipal land development bodies, non-profits, and design-builders.

Reach out to one of our Principals to begin a conversation about how to craft a specific vision for your commercial mixed-use project.

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