Finding the right balance between architectural design and function comes second nature to us.
Project photo: Eastern Alberta Transmission Line (Siemens Valve Hall)
Red Water, AB

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Designing utilities that are more than just functional

Public utilities are often invisible community engines. However, they are becoming increasingly important for exhibiting collective pride and showcasing government investment in context with place. John Ruskin once said, 'We require from buildings two kinds of goodness: first, the doing the practical duty well: then that they be graceful and pleasing in doing it'.

To make these projects acceptable to the public, our clients acknowledge the importance of balancing architectural design with function, therefore adding immense value over and above simple utility.

Through our utility design services, we partner with all of you: governments, utility companies, infrastructure engineering firms, and builders on greenfield and maintenance projects. We understand your business, your budgets and your internal delivery models. Through our utility design services, we maintain standards and best practices specifically tailored to your organization, and bring deep expertise in industrial and administrative buildings and industrial work yards. Our assignments vary in scale from multi-billion-dollar projects like the Site C Energy Project, to small maintenance facilities that are crucially important to the communities they serve.

Finding the right balance between architectural design and function comes second nature to us.

Our committed delivery team is fee competitive and offers high-quality design packages. Get in touch to discuss how our approach can help you achieve your utility design goals.

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