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We create distinctly immersive, welcoming, and beautiful spaces that transform the human experience.
Project photo: YW Hub Facility,
Calgary, AB

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Reflecting community and culture

Today’s cultural facilities are significantly different from those of the past and reflect a dynamic, changing world. Revenue generation, advanced technologies, sustainability, diversity, and environmental health are now key factors. There needs to be an awareness of the evolving relationship between online content and in-person attendance, technical requirements, and experiential sharing ― each are critical drivers for cultural facility design today. As cultural leaders, you strive to contribute to the culture of your communities. Your developments benefit from wide publicity and critical acclaim. You create venues where your guests can share unparalleled, meaningful experiences.

At Kasian, we embrace these drivers to create distinctly immersive, welcoming, and beautiful spaces that transform the human experience. We create cultural venues that thrive and remain centrepieces in your communities. Our design solutions go beyond form and function. We embrace 'in-between thinking' to deliver a deeper connection between people and place.

We partner with museums, art galleries, science centres, zoos, interpretive centres, planetariums, themed attractions, and other public institutions. Our work spans the globe. In each instance, our solutions are intrinsically tied to place and context, and always reflect your community’s cultural imperatives and nuances. Your business goals remain integral to our work.

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