Movement and Choice

How we work is changing and our workspace and policies have evolved to support this. The most significant change is the introduction of flexible hybrid work scheduling that enables our staff to do their best work by adopting the workstyle that is best suited to their individual needs.

Movement and Choice


● The Hybrid work schedule supports work-life balance and choice:

Resident workers have an assigned desk and work primarily ‘in office’.

– The Mobile workers, about 75% of our team, have a flexible “work from anywhere” schedule, with roughly ½ time at the office utilizing shared desking, alternate work points and collaboration spaces.

Remote workers have job types and work styles that are suited to working primarily from home.

● Upgraded technology & Wi-Fi throughout enables all workstyles (resident, mobile and remote) digital equity and flexibility no matter where they are working.

● The careful location of amenities within the floor plan encourages movement between spaces, while a variety of furniture settings supports different activities and postures.

● Acoustic comfort is enhanced by:

i. Separate zones for collaborative and focus tasks

ii. Soundmasking, and the use of headsets when on calls

iii. Upgraded acoustic ceiling tiles and drop-down seals on doors for all enclosed spaces

iv. Focus zones with a large ceiling feature comprised of sound-absorbing baffles and acoustic LED light fixtures

● Physical strain is prevented by providing appropriate light levels in work areas, ergonomic tools, sit-stand desks, standing height meeting tables.

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