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Eight trends shifting the future of design


In this BOMA article, Kasian Principal Will Craig discusses the long-term effects of the pandemic on the future of design in downtown real estate and how property professionals must optimize their offerings in a post-pandemic world.


Will explores the delicate balance of human and technology in order to create social connected spaces. He uses Kasian’s Lifescape Institute as a case study that provides inside-out design with the powerful intention of expanding a sense of purpose, enabling a vibrant corporate culture, encouraging workplace interaction, and fostering individual human potential.


He also discusses eight major trends that are shifting the future of design – ways designers can rethink achieving balance, providing safety, encouraging human interaction, developing empowerment, stimulating the sense, utilizing space efficiency, and more. Will’s work is exemplary for the future of design as we all move forward together into a new world.


“There is a world of people standing by to reconnect and experience the places they once frequented and perhaps took for granted. As commercial real estate professionals, it is our duty to ensure the built environment waiting for them on the other side of the pandemic is one worth waiting for… If people are given the choice of where to work, and we know the nature of work is going to change as well, then logically the environments we work in will need to be retooled to become magnets for people.” Will Craig, Principal


For the full article, visit BOMA’s website.

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