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Project photo: Calgary Courts Centre
Calgary, AB

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Bringing humanity to secure environments

The facilities that support our public services are evolving. They are more user-friendly, technologically advanced and welcoming. Our military, public safety and justice institutions support our heroes in uniform and those they protect.

We believe that design can make positive impacts and catalyze better workplaces for those who dedicate their lives to keeping us safe and free. We embrace 'in-between thinking' to deliver a deeper connection between people and place, and this is especially important for the military, public safety and justice sectors.


We’ve served Defense Construction Canada (DCC) and the Department of National Defense (DND) for over 25 years at military bases in provinces and territories from coast-to-coast. This successful relationship is based on our deep understanding of military culture, various operational requirements, documentation and submission standards, as well as our employment of procurement models such as Modified Design Build.

We have extensive experience designing helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft hangars, armouries, training schools, headquarters buildings, administrative offices, messes, ammunition facilities, and maintenance or storage facilities.

Public Safety

We have an impressive design portfolio for border crossings and police facilities across the country.

We’ve designed the border crossing infrastructure at Sweetgrass Coutts, Alberta, the Pacific Highway Port of Entry in BC, and the nearly complete Gordie Howe International Bridge in Windsor, Ontario ― the busiest border crossing in Canada.

Our extensive knowledge of police station design means our heroes in blue have the best conditions for their work and well-being. We have designed police facilities across Western Canada, including the RCMP E Division Headquarters and forensics laboratory, and the Kelowna RCMP detachment.


In our justice facility work, we employ various design strategies to mitigate stress and create user-friendly environments. These include integrating security, natural light, and visual transparency while creating pervasive, intuitive paths for wayfinding.

We designed one of Canada’s largest and most highly acclaimed courthouses, the Calgary Courts Centre, giving us a clear understanding of the value of user-friendly approaches to courthouse design. We continue to apply this thinking to our current work with the Supreme Court of Canada, and have been privileged to work closely with First Nations in the creation of an Aboriginal courtroom and a site-specific, culturally reflective peacemaking centre.

Our highly qualified, committed team members have specific expertise and security clearances to make your vision a reality. We strategize, assess and provide professional boots on the ground to reach your facility’s objectives.

Explore our Military, Public Safety, and Justice facility portfolio, the spaces that serve our everyday heroes, and our team that made them happen.

Want to learn more? Explore our full military, public safety & justice portfolio.

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