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Now more than ever, we owe our seniors safe and comfortable environments for them to connect with others and be part of a community.
Project photo: Revera Supportive Housing
Edmonton, AB

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Empower people to boldly pursue life in a dignified way

We partner with senior living owners and operators, from the public and private sector, of all sizes to deliver the best possible outcomes for residents, care providers and their families.

Our approach begins with recognizing the emotional journey that brings residents and their families into your care. We bring research and evidence-based design to every project, respecting all milestones of a person’s physical and emotional well-being, and the challenges they might face through time, to create safe and lively communities.

Together, we’ll shape your spaces to support social models of care that seamlessly integrate technology, policy and health science with, quite simply, what makes people happy.

We are working with a wide variety of organizations, First Nations’ communities, and health authorities across Canada to reimagine what it means to thrive in a senior living and long-term care community.

We listen, engage, co-create and deliver. Reach out to explore the art of the possible and redefine what it means to age with dignity.

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