YVR Pier D Expansion: An overview of the aesthetics and design

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Adding another chapter to YVR’s Land, Sea and Sky design thematic

The Vancouver International Airport’s (YVR) Pier D expansion is its largest terminal development project in 25 years. This project substantially increases the international gate capacity while adding another chapter to YVR’s Land, Sea and Sky design thematic.


In this video titled “Vancouver International Airport Pier D Expansion: Elevated Aesthetics and Structural Design”, design engineer Tarana Haque from Cast Connex guides a conversation with our Senior Associate Martin Nogger and the project’s lead Structural Engineer Andy Metten from Bush Bohlman & Partners to discuss the design story, strategy and technical factors at play in bringing this project to life.


Designing for Air Travel’s Busy Future


Besides extending the international departure and arrivals concourse of Canada’s second-busiest airport, the design team introduced another “exclamation mark” in the form of an oval-shaped rotunda extending beyond the rectangular building mass to create a carefully crafted space for passenger amenities, retail, food & beverage and thematic installations.


A Deeper Sense of Place


The YVR Pier D expansion design pays tribute to the natural beauty of British Columbia, welcoming travelers to experience this splendor through immersive experiences incorporated into the grand rotunda space including an accessible open-air garden atrium with large Western Hemlock trees, water features and digital experience elements.


From Vision to Reality: The Inside Story on YVR’s Pier D Expansion


We have been fortunate to work on many projects at YVR for the past quarter-century, helping to create a unique passenger experience, culminating in YVR being named North America’s best airport by Skytrax™ for 11 years running. Watch this video and explore some of the design concepts and technical details: Martin Nogger and Andy Metten will take you behind the scenes of this complex project.


Find out more about our relationship with YVR.


Projects at YVR are guided by the commitment to create a unique sense of place passenger experience, and that’s reflecting on YVR’s core values of respect for the cultural heritage and richness of the land of British Columbia.

- Martin Nogger, Senior Associate

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