Esther Rivard-Sirois

Senior Associate

Architect AAA, OAQ, NSAA, CPHD, LEED AP BD+C, GRP, MRAIC, Barch, March

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Everything we do as designers, must start with sustainable choices. It’s not an add-on.

As an advocate for sustainability across the firm, my expertise provides considerable benefit from planning through to construction. Collaborating with stakeholders on projects is one of my strengths and something I really enjoy, and I excel at choreographing several moving pieces. I have worked on many high profile projects across Alberta such as Red Crow Community College, South Health Campus and the Edmonton Federal Building. Through my strong work ethic and superior project management practices, I am ideally suited to manage large and complex projects.


My Sectors: Arts & Culture, Education & Research, Government Administration, Healthcare & Industrial.

My Services: Architecture, Master Planning & Urban Design, and Planning, Design & Conformance.


We asked, Esther Rivard-Sirois answered:


Why do you enjoy working at Kasian?

“I’ve been with Kasian for almost 15 years and I like that it has given me room to grow and professionally develop. I have always enjoyed learning from the diversity in my teams and colleagues — there is so much strength in the diversity of cultures we represent.”


What’s your favourite part of the design process?

“I thrive on client engagement and visioning sessions where we learn about stakeholders, who they are and their needs. The projects we do aren’t for us but for them, and I love discovering what their projects can become.”