Connecting people and place. By choosing to move to the District at Beltline, in addition to the environment we have created within our own studio, we are
provided with abundant opportunities to build community and support wellness.



● 100% of working and social spaces have access to natural light and views.

● Our employee-supported indoor herb garden ensures a fresh supply of mint, parsley, basil or thyme for everyone to enjoy.

● In addition to views of nearby green parks, plants have been located throughout the studio furthering opportunities for connections to nature.

● The new studio provides spaces for social connection with colleagues, clients and industry partners.

● Building amenities include; a food hall, fitness facility, bike room, outdoor courtyard and tenant lounge, as well as shops and restaurants.

● The District App is an easy way for staff to engage in the Beltline community events and explore lifestyle tools focused on health, wellness and social connection.

● The building’s graffiti-style murals, visible from many vantage points in the studio, provide a colourful connection to art and local culture.

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