Carbon Footprint

Paving the Way to a Carbon-Neutral Future. Our commitment to reduce carbon footprint is reflected in the design of the new studio. Our studio is good for people and the environment.

Carbon Footprint


● With efficient planning, including spaces with dual functions and our new workstyle with desk sharing, the studio size has been reduced by 60% of the size of our previous space. This represents less space to build, furnish, heat, and operate.

● The design includes efficient lighting, appliances, and equipment; all contributing to the overall Operational Carbon reduction.

● Mindful material selection during the design phase helped to maximize the use of carbon-neutral finishes such as carpet or solid surfaces.

● We limited the amount of new material by refinishing existing concrete floors and strategically locating new acoustic ceilings only where required.

● The use of raw materials was limited by incorporating design solutions with more than one use such as acoustical lighting.

● With the reuse of existing furniture and an extensive donation program to staff and the community, excess furniture and office supplies were diverted from landfill.

● Staff and visitor transportation emissions are reduced by the transit-oriented studio location; more staff are now walking and cycling for their commute and to get to meetings.

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