Our Sustainability Action Plan is the living,
breathing, dynamic manifestation of our
commitment to making this world a better place.

Our Sustainability Vision

We acknowledge our responsibility to respect and enhance the intrinsic connection between people and our planet. We commit to building healthy, resilient and purposeful environments in all areas of our practice.


Commitment to Environment

• We take responsibility to protect the environment through our sustainable design solutions.
• We evaluate sustainable performance through the values lens of economic, ecological, and social balance.
• We integrate sustainable practices across our entire portfolio of work.

Commitment to People

• We design for infinite generations, creating stronger and more resilient communities.
• We build diverse, equitable, and inclusive places, where all feel welcomed.
• We embrace diversity to enhance the creativity of our design solutions.
• We continue to learn, engage and communicate to ensure our commitment to people remains.

Commitment to Prosperity

• We view our design solutions holistically and collaboratively to make informed decisions.
• We bring forward practical solutions that create efficiencies and generate economic & social value for our clients.
• We support sustainable growth and capacity building to create inclusive, safe & healthy communities.

Our Sustainability Goals

Goal #1 Sustainability IS Kasian Culture

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Goal #2 We Ensure Sustainability Through Design

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Goal #3 We Share our Sustainability Knowledge

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Goal #4 All our Offices are Healthy Places that Staff Enjoy

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Goal #5 We learn from Indigenous Perspectives

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Goal #6 We Reduce Our Corporate Environmental Footprint (Carbon)

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Goal #7 We Reduce Our Corporate Environmental Footprint (Waste)

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