Lifescape™ - Creating a sense of place through ground-level experiences

Project photo: The District, Calgary, AB

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Repositioning assets through intentional, ground-level placemaking

With cities densifying, the ground-level experience has become more important to our well-being. The ground level is where we interact and experience culture; it is where we engage with the community and the spaces around us.

This is our realm. We turn streetscape into Lifescape™, where people come to live, linger, shop, and connect.

Our approach to placemaking helps clients rebrand and reposition existing properties, city streets, and neighborhoods or develop entirely new master-planned communities. Through dynamic programming and activation of the ground plane, we seamlessly integrate projects with the wider community to create inspiring destinations where people come to connect and create memorable experiences. Our award-winning team has helped clients attract, diversify, and retain tenants, increasing the value of their properties and the surrounding buildings.

Through our Lifescape™ approach, we uncover all of the hidden, in-between spaces and turn them into sources of inspiration. We do this by looking at design holistically, from the experience of the individual user, the operators, and the wider community. Our integrated team of architects and designers, connect interior spaces with the exterior, including storefronts, lobbies, streets, parklets, and laneways to create engaging places. We also work with the software of place, such as artwork, performance programming, wayfinding, soundscaping and animation strategies.

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