The evolution of dealership design.
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Customer-centric design in the automotive sector

Automotive design has greatly evolved over the years to reflect changes in technology, business models, and consumer expectations. Dealership design has also become more progressive and complex, with the customer experience playing a central role.

Kasian has worked with more than 20 global automotive brands and understands all dealership formats, from service centres and pop-up retail stores to large, multi-story facilities.

Notwithstanding the growth of online research and sales, exceptional customer service continues to be integral to the success of our dealership clients. Attracting customers and retaining them as service customers throughout the ownership of their vehicle is a leading focus of dealership design and development.

With real estate being an ongoing issue in several major markets, we also help our clients explore innovative solutions such as separating operations, with non-customer-facing service facilities located in surrounding areas.

Automobile servicing is a critical component of the dealership offering and has evolved to include highly skilled technicians working in a ‘lab-like’ environment. While working with a range of manufacturers and their related major dealership groups, we have developed a well-rounded understanding of operational flow, service department operations and strategies, and optimal placement of servicing equipment.

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