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Supporting the team that keeps our lights on

BC Hydro is responsible for providing power to 90% of British Columbia and requires a vast network of support facilities and infrastructure to maintain uninterrupted service.

From remote field offices to the corporate headquarters in Vancouver, they depend on the expertise of a multidisciplinary team of consultants to design, build, and service crucial facilities. For the last 6 years, we have had the privilege of being a member of this team and provide a dedicated set of architects, interior designers and planners ― supporting the delivery of dozens of projects.

Whether it’s a master plan vision, a new build, renovation, or an interior planning exercise, we continue to provide solutions that align with their future growth projections and evolving needs.


It’s partnerships like this that remind me why collaboration is so important. It makes great design a lot easier.”

Alan Nakaska

Senior Principal



Managing projects of all shapes and sizes

The size and volume of projects are constantly changing, but our relationship with BC Hydro has given us a deep understanding of their operational requirements and the knowledge to help them adapt to whatever challenges they need to overcome. Each project has a shared goal; provide a safe, secure and effective workplace for all members of the BC Hydro team, giving them the tools and environment to perform essential duties.



Embedding into the team

Our partnership with BC Hydro is strengthened with our continuously evolving service delivery model. A longstanding partnership with WSP gives us the opportunity to provide design services to a variety of projects they lead. Our ongoing interior design and architectural service agreements expand the scope of projects from storage facility renovations to corporate office redesigns, to extensive work on the Site C Energy Project.



Catering to their needs in our own way

We maintain a dedicated project team of experienced architects and interior designers that can guarantee the capacity required to effectively manage projects of any scale. To date, we have successfully delivered over 30 projects in the BC Hydro portfolio. By integrating into their team, we ensure that each decision we make reflects the broader goal of providing cost-effective spaces that are “Power Smart.”


A testament to the effectiveness of our delivery strategy is the duration and strength of our relationship with BC Hydro. We continue to produce workspaces and facilities that benefit the community and are proud to provide the province with such a crucial resource.

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