Edward Wong

Senior Associate

Architect AIBC, OAA, AAA, AIA, LEED®AP, M.Eng.

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Service is at the very heart of my architectural practice.

With over 30 years of experience working on a diverse range of projects, I bring a pragmatic and disciplined approach to my focus on military infrastructure and industrial facilities. My engineering background gives me the technical fluency to take an effective leadership role on these large, complex projects—I manage multi-disciplinary teams to overcome any challenge that may arise. Balancing the hierarchies of industrial and military organizations with the collaborative culture of Kasian takes a deft touch: my clients know I always deliver, and they can call me to discuss any issue, no matter how big or small.


My Sectors: Government Administration, Industrial, Military, Public Safety & Justice & Utilities.

My Services: Architecture.


We Asked, Edward Wong Answered:


What drew you to military and industrial architecture?

“The practicality in how these clients approach architecture aligns with my sense of providing a service: we tend to speak the same language in terms of working efficiently with clearly-understood goals. I remember working with a high-level general and the first thing he said was that he wants everyone in the room to keep in mind that we’re using taxpayer money—he didn’t even want the slightest public perception that even a dollar was getting used unwisely.”


What makes a great design?

“A great design works perfectly for the client, exceeding their expectations.  It’s not something that just strokes my own professional ego! We’re here to service the client’s vision. After over 30 years, I really understand how service fits into the equation. With industrial and military clients, the ideal building is something that the general public ignores, which is quite different than what you find with other types of clients! In this sense, a great design is wholly about functionality, longevity, and fitness for purpose.”