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Alan Nakaska
Architect AAA, AIBC, BSc, BArch
(604) 631-8207
Alan’s story begins with an aunt who inspired and encouraged him to pursue his passion for architecture. At 10 years old Alan knew what his purpose in life was; to become a great architect.
Architects, in Alan’s eyes, were contributors to society; they embodied the pinnacle of artistic and technical talent. He knew that with a lot of work and little imagination he could make significant contributions to society.

Alan has directed on some of our largest projects, his time in Dubai is especially memorable – it was a time and place in history where dreams were built and where truly exciting and evocative projects were commonplace. Even today Alan uses his Middle Eastern experience to inspire design.

If you bump into Alan today, he would tell you that dreams do come true; he has become a great architect, delivered designs that impacted societies across Canada and the Middle East, and embodies technical skill and artistic talent. Today in our Vancouver office, Alan’s wealth of experience continues to drive designs.