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Reshaping Trimac's Hybrid Workplace

A decade ago, we embarked on a journey with Trimac Transportation (“Trimac”) to reshape their traditional closed office environment into an open, office space. Fast forward to the present, Trimac sought our expertise once again, this time to further evolve their workplace standards to support new ways of working and complement their hybrid scheduling policies for a new space in Calgary’s bustling beltline area. With a vision to consolidate three floors of office space into 14,000 square feet, the goal was to foster innovation, connectivity, and create a hybrid, activity-based workplace for their employees that expressed the deep history and roots of Trimac.


A fundamental design driver was to communicate and celebrate Trimac’s rich history and corporate values. Our design narrative incorporated high impact wall graphics of historical photos, a license plate wall show the North American transportation routes for Trimac, and an art installation created with truck parts salvaged from Trimac’s own maintenance depot. A collage of diverse and colourful logos on a wall in the staff cafe pays homage to the evolution of the Trimac brand over the years as well as to the various companies that have been acquired as part of the organization’s growth and diversification.



Designing for the employee and the environment

Embracing a holistic approach to design, we focused on fostering collaboration, sustainability, and employee engagement. Throughout the design process, town hall meetings ensured that all employees were actively involved and excited about the transformation. The workplace was carefully crafted to accommodate diverse work styles, including collaborative zones, unassigned and bookable focus desks and private offices, and various types of spaces for meetings. Employee well-being is elevated with access to natural light and views, along with green walls, and plants integrated into the design. Special amenities such as an espresso machine were added to enhance the overall employee experience. And as part of transition to the new office and embracing hybrid scheduling, employees were provided with Trimac branded backpacks or messenger bags for commuting convenience, in lieu of lockers.

Sustainability efforts were paramount, from providing reusable water bottles and cutlery to repurposing furniture into ergonomic sit-stand desks. With real estate requirements cut by one-third, Trimac was able to reduce their carbon footprint and overall environmental impact. The company’s support of the hybrid work model not only promotes a more sustainable work life balance for employees, but also further contributes to energy savings through reduced employee commuting.



Preserving legacy through design

Preserving Trimac’s rich history and brand identity was a priority throughout the project. The original Trimac truck proudly sits in the reception area, serving as a reminder of the company’s 75-year legacy. A graphic word wall encapsulates Trimac’s core values, while a sustainable effort involved creating a unique wall from recycled auto parts gathered from their mechanic shop.



Activity Based Workplace Sparks Productivity and Engagement

The revitalized workplace had a profound impact on Trimac’s culture and productivity. By embracing an activity-based work environment and flexible hybrid scheduling, employees are drawn to the office organically, with a remarkable 75% attendance. The flexible schedule not only enhances work-life balance but also contributes to employee retention.

In conclusion, Trimac’s workplace exemplifies the transformative power of design in fostering collaboration, sustainability, and employee well-being. We are proud to have played a role in shaping an environment that not only reflects Trimac’s values but also propels them towards future success.

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