What role does sustainability play in a resilient workplace?

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Featuring Suzanne Campbell & Esther Rivard-Sirois

Building sustainability into your workplace

Now more than ever, sustainability in the workplace must stretch beyond the design of a building – it must permeate throughout every aspect of an organization’s operations and culture.


In this video Senior Associate, Esther Rivard-Sirois and Principal, Suzanne Campbell discuss sustainability in the workplace strategies for base buildings, workplace interiors and organizational practices firms can adopt to reinforce sustainable behaviours in the office and working remotely.


They share some of our flagship projects, like the Edmonton Federal Building and how we used an action-based initiative like our Earth Day Bingo Challenge to encourage awareness and build sustainable practices into our working day.


Suzanne states: “A resilient workplace is a people and place thing. It’s a combination of a workforce that can work flexibly anywhere, and it’s also a flexible work environment…The beauty of a resilient workplace is that it is a sustainable workplace by its very nature. It’s going to conserve on energy consumption in a variety of ways, reducing footprint, reducing transportation, but it also provides great sustainability for the business. The kind of practices that are aligned with environmental sustainability are also aligned with the business goals.”


Read more about our work on sustainability.

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