Scott Norwood

Principal - Interior Design

Dip. Arch. Tech., MAATO

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In our Toronto office, we have an amazing culture that serves to foster growth and creativity.

The evolving workplace gives us the chance to improve people’s lives. With almost 30 years of experience, I have the insights and ability to understand and communicate the evolving needs of an organization, while managing the complexities of corporate workplace projects. I have a proven track record of implementing solutions unique to my clients’ corporate culture, staff needs, and future trends. My fluency in project management helps me lead the interior design team in the development of all project budgets, schedules and implementation strategies. As Managing Principal, I specialize in providing structure, guidance and a strategic framework to projects, ensuring our creative solutions are delivered with a superior level of client care.


My Sectors: Workplace & Senior Living.

My Services: Interior Design, Facilities Planning, and Planning, Design & Conformance.


We asked, Scott Norwood answered:


What got you interested in becoming an Architectural Technologist, and how is that different from an Architect?

“My specialty means that I focus on the constructability and technology of a design, as well as the design itself. From a young age I’ve liked drawing, buildings, and creating cityscapes — as a child I would create elaborate building-block cities. I have always been interested in creating a built environment where form and function are co-dependent.”


What attracted you to Kasian initially?

“My previous firm, which my business partner and I co-owned equally, had become a well recognized boutique interior design firm and was acquired by Kasian. We recognized there was a lot of alignment in their values, management style and philosophy. It’s a very collaborative and respectful culture within Kasian — throughout our Toronto office, we have an amazing culture that serves to foster growth, creativity and the strengths of our team.”