Nancy Wilson


OAA, LEED AP, M.Arch., B.A.

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Buildings that are loved are buildings that last.

For over 14 years I have designed institutional and residential projects ranging from senior living, memory care, affordable and special needs housing to clinics, and schools. I’m passionate about designing spaces that promote health and wellbeing. With my human-centered focus, I manage the complex needs of multiple user groups in order to achieve an elegant design solution that best supports staff, builds opportunities for collaboration, and improves clinician, patient, and visitor experiences. My work includes two internationally recognized family health team clinics for physicians and allied health professionals. Looking beyond accessibility, I design for true inclusivity.



My Sectors: Arts & Culture, Education & Research, Healthcare & Senior Living.

My Services: Architecture, Facilities Planning, Interior Design, Lifescape, Master Planning & Urban Design, Planning, Design & Conformance (PDC).



We Asked, Nancy Answered:


What makes a great design?

“It’s not about the projects that photograph well. It’s about creating a building that people love in five years, ten years, and further into the future. That means making the building work well for the people who use and experience it.”


How would you describe your leadership style?

“I like to lead by fostering leadership in my team. They say you’re only as strong as the weakest link, but I see it differently: the team is as strong as everyone’s strengths, so I encourage my team to bring those strengths forward and build on them. In design, everyone has great ideas, so everyone on the team, including the client, should have a voice in co-creation of the design.”