Sanja Djulepa



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Good design elevates life experience — a collaborative, cohesive team approach can bring us there together.

As a globally-influenced, award-winning design leader with over three decades of excellence in project management and design, I lead multidisciplinary teams to complete projects ranging from select small buildings to highly complex, across an array of sectors. My team and I meet aggressive budgets, tight schedules, and various program requirements without compromising design quality — we design for longevity. That commitment to leading architectural design through an integrated-team approach has translated to an enriched methodology of collaboration, transparency and engagement.


My Sectors: Arts & Culture, Education & Research, Government Administration, Industrial, Transportation, and Military, Public Safety & Justice.

My Services: Architecture, and Planning, Design & Conformance.


We asked, Sanja Djulepa answered:


What makes a good design?

“Good design is all-embracing — it needs to respond to client needs, as well as to the sense of place and community. Any design has to be tested and challenged, defined by research and dialogue, and ultimately succeed in giving the users the satisfaction of having been part of the creative process and to enjoy the end results.”


How would you describe your leadership style?

“The team needs to be empowered to actively participate at every level, share knowledge and enjoy each part of the process. My experience is extensive and diverse, so I can make executive decisions when needed, but I welcome and promote collaborative process from beginning to end — both in design development and in firm activities.”