Katherine Robinson


B.Arch, Architect AAA, AIBC, NSAA, MRAIC

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I enjoy the art of making something, and it's rewarding to see that lasting, tangible evidence of a building as the outcome of the process.

Let’s build something exceptional together. With two decades of experience to guide me, my focus is on providing excellence in design and delivery. I thrive on the challenge of complex projects and working with teams to create dynamic spaces — both inside the building for its occupants and outside in how it responds to and can influence its surroundings.


My notable projects include One Water Street in Kelowna and the Queen Elizabeth II New Generation project in Halifax. I serve on the City of Calgary’s Urban Design Review Panel, and I also mentor the next generation of architects. As Managing Principal, I champion a collaborative approach that begins with bringing the right people together and establishing a shared vision — the best results are achieved by actively listening and finding inspired solutions to meet our clients’ needs.


My Sectors: Commercial Mixed-Use, Government Administration, Healthcare & Industrial.

My Services: Architecture, Master Planning & Urban Design, and Planning, Design & Conformance.


We asked, Katherine Robinson answered:


What drew you to Kasian?

“The supportive nature of our firm gives you the confidence to aim high. It’s a team-oriented environment, and we work on interesting projects. There’s definitely a platform for your ideas here. We have a very collaborative group in Calgary, passionate about shaping the city where we live and having fun while we do so. There’s so much expertise and opportunity in the organization — I’m always learning.”


What makes a successful project?

“A happy client and a strong relationship with them. Projects can last for many years, so it takes strong teamwork to sustain you through to the end. If we have been able to enrich the experience of an occupant with the spaces that we’ve designed and if the building’s response to its surroundings is sensitive and considered, then we’ve succeeded.”