Gina Pylatuik


Dip. Arch. Tech.

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Great design is simple, and I simplify the path to get you there.

With over 20 years of experience in educational, commercial, and industrial facilities, I’m an expert in architectural detailing—from design development to construction documents and contract administration. I’m fluent in quality control measures, material selection, land use bylaw implementation, and building code interpretations in service of the client’s vision. I take pride in collaborating with stakeholders, contractors, authorities, and consultants to reach a common wavelength, so together we can overcome any challenges that may arise throughout the project journey.


My Sectors: Commercial Mixed-Use, Education & Research, Industrial & Workplace.

My Services: Architecture, Planning, Design & Conformance (PDC).


We Asked, Gina Pylatuik Answered:


What inspires you?

“I get inspired by a fun, vibrant environment—colors, connection with the outdoors. The most rewarding projects I’ve worked on are schools. They’re very difficult to do well, but when the kids go into their new school for the first time and they’re excited to be there, that keeps me going.”


How would you describe your collaboration style?

“Collaboration sometimes happens naturally when everyone’s on the same wavelength, and sometimes you have to work together to create that environment. There’s give-and-take involved, and I have the empathy and patience for that process.”