Emme Kanji

Senior Associate


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“The Devil Is in The Details”. I am a true believer in this philosophy, and I believe attention to detail is what defines a successful project, be it from a design or technical standpoint.

I am a Project Manager with over four decades of diverse international experience in this profession, collaborating with renowned organizations in East Africa, the USA, and Canada. I believe every project is unique and therefore, needs to be nurtured accordingly. Witnessing a project’s transformation from its conceptual design to its state of completion never ceases to amaze me.


Over the years in my career, I have experienced several changes in design trends; as well as the many technological advances that have led to the development of sustainable and high-performance designs in the modern age. I thrive on new challenges and finding innovative solutions, eagerly anticipating the complexities of the 21st century, particularly as we transition into the era of regenerative (Net Zero) design.


My efforts focus on project management, maintaining a commitment to quality control and assurance, overseeing detailed designs, and contract administration aspects of our project delivery. I have a wealth of project experience across a multitude of building types including single/multi-family residential (including seniors living), commercial, healthcare, law enforcement, recreational, and industrial.


My Sectors: Arts & Culture; Healthcare; Commercial Mixed Use; Government Administration; Industrial; Automotive; Residential, Military and Public Safety and Justice; Senior Living; Transportation; Utilities; Workplace

My Services: Planning, Design and Compliance (PDC); Architecture, Facilities Planning, Interior Design, Lifescape


We Asked, Emme Kanji Answered:


How would you describe your leadership style?

‟I am highly detail oriented, and results driven. I believe the most important aspect in any project is having clear and open communications. All members of the design team are there for a reason and bring immense value to the to the successful realization of a project. I am a huge proponent of the collaborative, integrated design process. Effective discussions and collaborative design can only occur if everyone is encouraged to fully participate in the design process.”


What inspires you?

‟Nature inspires me. There is no substitute for the inspiration that one can draw from nature. Nature is abundant with beautiful designs and color – we just need to learn to observe with a keen eye.”