Join Suzanne Campbell speaking at WORKTECH2022 Toronto on building your resilient workplace

A fireside chat with Colleen Baldwin of Scotiabank and Natashia Dunham of Sobeys

Business leaders need to plan for unprecedented levels of disruption to maintain a resilient business.


Join our fireside chat at WORKTECH2022 Toronto with Colleen Baldwin, Vice President, Head of Global Design Strategy & Transformation of Scotiabank; Natashia Dunham, Director of Process and Systems, Real Estate and Construction of Sobeys; and Suzanne Campbell, Kasian Principal, and Workplace Strategy Leader.


Together they will discuss:

-Key findings from our national study into the Canadian workplace

-Workplace transformation successes & challenges

-Real estate optimization strategies

-Organizational benefits of a hybrid work environment, including economic and productivity benefits contributing to a more resilient workplace

Conference details

Date: Wednesday, October 26th

Time: AM- 5 PM EST

Location:  Deloitte, Bay Adelaide East, Toronto


Register for WORKTECH2022 or get in touch with Susan Campbell to book a meeting.

About Suzanne Campbell

With over 35 years of design, strategy & project management experience, Suzanne brings a scientific mindset, commitment to continuous learning, design excellence, and process innovation in navigating the future of work.  She has developed strategic engagement tools, championed change management programs, and managed large teams through the development and implementation of a variety of design projects across industries and sectors.


Her portfolio includes Autodesk, Fidelity, Torys, Scotiabank, Canadian Tire, Sobeys, Interac, McMillan, CIBC, Metro Vancouver, ATCO Energy, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, ING Direct/Tangerine, CBC, Corus, Pepsi, Dow Jones, Barrick Gold, Boston Consulting, Franklin Templeton, Oracle, and the CPP Investment Board.

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