Holistic and compassionate design in rehabilitation and complex continuing care

Hotel Dieu Shaver Health + Rehabilitation Centre

A need for increased inpatient space was a driver for the courtyard conversion at Hotel Dieu Shaver, a health and rehabilitation centre.

Believing that healthcare is about the people, Kasian worked closely with the rehabilitation administration and medical professionals to understand the specific needs of all users. Through close collaboration it became clear the space needed to be both functional and inspiring. The final design is an open-concept space that provides the amenities required for recovery and is divided into various therapy areas such as gross and fine motor therapy, visual acuity, driving skills, and general fitness. An undulating wood ceiling connects the space to the former tree-filled courtyard; interior finishes and the colour palette imbue a sense of the outdoors.


  • Client Hotel Dieu Shaver Health + Rehabilitation Centre
  • Location St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
  • Size 5,700 ft2
  • Construction Value $1.6 M
  • Completed 2012

Technically, this is as good as it gets.

Gary Burroughs Regional Chair

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