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As designers, we have the power to create environments that heal — body, mind and soul.

With over 20 years of international experience, I have a proven track record of leading large multi-disciplinary teams in planning, designing, and delivering complex large-scale projects. Specializing in Healthcare Facility planning and design, I blend creativity and technical aptitude, being formally trained in both architectural design and building engineering.


Having worked with both public and private sector clients across geographies, I understand their respective priorities, and tailor the project delivery to suit each client’s specific needs, wants, and aspirations. Working with stakeholders in various parts of the world have taught me to be open and accepting to varying perspectives and different ways of solving the same problem. My leadership style keeps my team engaged, focused, inquisitive, and effective in delivering value and satisfaction to our clients, from conception to completion.


My Sectors: Healthcare.

My Services: Architecture, Facilities Planning, Interior Design, Master Planning & Urban Design, and Planning, Design & Conformance (PDC).


We Asked, Abhishek Gupta Answered:


 What drew you to architecture? 

“I believe it was destiny. Though I was always engaged in creative pursuits growing up, I actually aspired to become a computer engineer. While taking an engineering entrance exam, I took an aptitude test for architecture and it just sparked something… it was meant to be! The kind of multi-faceted problems that you need to solve in architecture require a whole different level of creativity and combination of skills, and that enticed me to follow this path.”


What do you like most about working at Kasian?

What I love about Kasian is that it’s still a small firm at heart, even though it has a big reach. It’s very closely knit, without the unnecessary internal conflicts of large corporations that can get in the way of efficient work. It’s set up in a way that decision-making is fast and effective. We are very nimblenew ideas are welcomed and celebrated in all aspects of the practice. We also take pride in finding the best resources for each of our clients’ needs with virtually no geographic silosalmost everyone in each of our office locations works on projects with other offices based on their skill-set.”