Future of Bridges: Detroit-Windsor cable stay bridge boosts US-Canada transport links

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Gordie Howe International Bridge


Our Gordie Howe International Bridge project has been featured in the New Civil Engineer magazine.


Click here to read the full article. 


Written by Rob Hakimian, the article begins: ‘Canada is the United States’ largest trading partner, with $960.9bn (£769.5bn) worth of commerce having crossed the border in 2022, according to Statistics Canada. The trade corridor across the Detroit River between Detroit in the US and Windsor in Canada is the busiest commercial land border crossing between the two nations. It handles more than a quarter of this trade.


People wanting to cross the Detroit River which forms the US-Canada border already have numerous options. These include the 2.3km Ambassador Bridge, the 1.6km Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, the 2.6km Michigan Central Railway Tunnel and the Detroit-Windsor truck ferry.’


Read more about this border crossing.

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