Powering Progress: Designing the Future of EV Batteries

Gresham Smith

Year Completed

Module (2024), Cell (2025)


Gresham Smith


Windsor, ON

Construction value

$5 B


4.5M SF


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A transformation for the automotive industry

In a groundbreaking collaboration between automotive giants Stellantis and LG Energy Solution, NextStar Energy emerges as a beacon of innovation in the heart of Windsor, Ontario. This visionary project responds to the demand for electric vehicle (EV) batteries, a pivotal shift as the automotive industry accelerates towards sustainable mobility solutions. Situated on a 220-acre site, NextStar Energy is poised to become a leading greenfield automotive Lithium-Ion Battery Cell manufacturing and Battery Module production facility.

Comprising of two main buildings, the Module and Cell buildings. The Module Building, slated for completion in 2024, will house the final product packing and shipping. Meanwhile, the Cell Building, scheduled for 2025, will be where they manufacture the battery components.

Engaged by Gresham Smith, a distinguished North American architecture firm, we joined forces as the architect of record for the Module Building. With a global network of stakeholders, including Stellantis, LG Energy Solution, NextStar Energy  Morrison Hershfield and construction partner Alberici-Barton Malow JV (A-BM), the project represents a collaborative endeavour of unparalleled scale and ambition.



Global collaboration

Navigating the complexities of a project of this magnitude presents a unique set of challenges. From coordinating with multiple architecture firms and clients to managing a vast array of consultants and stakeholders across the globe, seamless communication and collaboration are paramount. Furthermore, the sheer expanse of the 220-acre site demands meticulous planning and execution at every stage of the project lifecycle.



Innovated design strategies

Our design philosophy is rooted in innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. Embracing a value engineering approach, we continuously explore creative solutions and design alternatives to optimize performance while minimizing costs. Central to our methodology is a keen understanding of process equipment, driving the design of industrial spaces to accommodate the intricate operations within.

Collaborating seamlessly with our interior design team, we leverage the synergies between architects and interior designers to deliver holistic solutions. By integrating interior and architectural elements, we ensure coherence, functionality, and aesthetic appeal across every aspect of the project. This unified approach not only streamlines the design process but also maximizes cost and time savings while enhancing coordination with project collaborators.


Our involvement in this groundbreaking project underscores our commitment to pushing boundaries and leaving a lasting impact on communities and industries alike. Kasian is proud of our contribution to the City of Windsor development via Gordie Howe Border Crossing, various St. Clair College projects and now the unique EV Facility for NextStar Energy.”

Sanja Djulepa


With the creation of 2,500 new Canadian jobs and a surge in local development, the project promises to grow Windsor’s economy. As a catalyst for advancements in the EV industry, NextStar Energy plays a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions and accelerating the transition towards a sustainable future.

Latest Media Coverage: CTV News Windsor, CBC News, Windsor News Today, CBC News (Video)


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