Karen Iredale

Senior Associate - Interior Design


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I create functional spaces to help my clients thrive.

For over thirty years, I built my career on assisting corporations to maximize their two greatest assets: their people and the space in which they work. As a confident and engaged collaborator, I manage all phases of a project while focusing on client vision and budget. By developing creative and innovative design solutions, I ensure that new workspaces are welcoming, efficient, and empowering for the people who use them each day. My notable projects include the head offices for NorthRiver Midstream and QuadReal, as well as Absorb Software’s global headquarters. No matter how large or small, every project is a design opportunity—what’s yours?


My Sectors:  Workplace.

My Services: Interior Design.


We asked, Karen Iredale answered:


What makes a great design?

“When form meets function. Space matters—it’s a powerful tool, and we help our clients achieve that spatial potential through design. It’s deeply fulfilling to revisit a space after it’s been designed and occupied, to see how it’s used.”


How would you describe your leadership style?

“Casual and fun. If you’re not having fun with what you’re doing, you’re doing something wrong!  Between your own team and your clients, you have a short amount of time to work together, so why not make it enjoyable?”