Stikeman Elliott’s Office: A Modern Hospitality-Inspired Redesign

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The office redesign for Canadian law firm Stikeman Elliott introduces new ways of working for the practice and enhances the employee and visitor experience by blending aspects of hospitality and high-end residential design into a modern and equitable workplace. Moving down two floors at Bankers Hall in Calgary and into a new 41,600-square-foot space split across two levels, Stikeman Elliott wanted to update their space with a new look that reflects the firm’s identity and reputation that they felt, their current office no longer aligned with. The goal was to create an environment that would attract employees back to the office by making it more approachable while exuding confidence and pride in the firm.


Within the corporate design landscape, law offices have unique considerations including enhanced privacy and meeting rooms of various sizes. Out of this came the challenge of merging the ideals of traditional office planning with the vision of what a future-forward law office should be. The design process required guiding the client toward a more equitable office layout that benefits everyone from partners to legal assistants to admin staff. From an engineering perspective, the project involved interconnecting the two levels with a U-shaped internal staircase and gold-gilded canopy which had to comply with stringent building codes. Rapidly rising construction costs also proved to be a challenge that required creative and methodical solutions.



Hospitality-enhanced experience

A hospitality-inspired focus to the redesign aimed to elevate the office aesthetically and enhance the overall user experience. Modelled after the Ritz Carlton, the interior’s carefully selected finishes reflect the client’s vision of a welcoming and modern space, while being mindful of budget, durability and sustainability. This approach was guided by a commitment to creating an equitable, approachable, and professional environment, while reflecting the firm’s identity and serious nature of work.


Creative, professional, and responsive, Kasian was a pleasure to work with in bringing forward the design of our new office. We set out to create a contemporary and timeless space, and with Kasian’s creative designs, collaborative work style and keen ability to integrate multiple design perspectives, we are now enjoying a handsome and cohesive space with design longevity.”

Catherine Grygar

Partner, Stikeman Elliott LLP


While delivery was executed in a phased manner, move-in was simultaneous. A client committee was actively involved throughout the process, conducting regular quality control checks and assessments. Although this led to more frequent revisions, the result achieved the highest standards. The development, engineering and fabrication of the stair shroud led to a collaboration with a local industrial designer, whose portfolio includes iconic projects.  This ensured building codes were met and that its execution was structurally sound while maintaining the desired aesthetics. Integrated technological capabilities such as virtual courtrooms reflect the evolving nature of legal practice within the space.



Celebrating hard work 

This progressive yet respectful approach to the redesign of Stikeman Elliott’s law office provides the ultimate functionality and flexibility, aligning with the firm’s prestigious image. It has been well received for achieving the firm’s goal of retaining and attracting staff, including enticing articling students to stay on as full-time employees. The front of house can now host important events like ‘Call to the bar’, serving everyone, not just clients, and cultivating a family-like atmosphere within the firm.

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