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QuadReal was redeveloping BP Centre, a 1980s building in the heart of Calgary with a dated look. QuadReal’s goal was to attract tenants through redesigned public spaces and the addition of tenant amenities. QuadReal engaged us to apply our Lifescape™ thinking and explore a new identity for the building, unlocking the building’s full potential and to attract new tenants.


The execution of the re-vitalization project at 240FOURTH was foundational for QuadReal to capture a renewed energy for the asset. We are proud of the outcome of the project and the partnership with the Kasian team ensured the successful outcome.”

Albert Tai

QuadReal, VP of Office, Prairies



Developing a holistic sense of space

Natural light was scarce in the 30,000 square-foot public environment, with limited window exposure hidden beneath deep soffits. Previous renovations were disjointed and we sought to create a welcoming experience.

Rather than undertaking a series of independent renovations, Lifescape’s™ holistic approach was used to develop a long term, phased master plan to change the property’s identity. This work included the main public areas, tenant amenities, building circulation and out to the building exterior.



Open up for the future

By rebranding the building from BP Centre to 240FOURTH, and leveraging our Lifescape™ methodology, we sought to create a meeting place in the city for Calgary’s evolving business community. 240FOURTH would become a gathering space for idea exchange in a setting of casual luxury, a point of departure to signify Calgary’s journey into the future.

Kasian Insight

Attracting and spurring human activity on the ground level starts by making enhancements at the point of greatest impact — where the people are — and going beyond the built form to reflect the building’s identity.”

Will Craig


240FOURTH has become a hybrid space with a timeless new look that functions equally well during work hours and after sundown. We made the public areas more functional, inviting tenants as well as the greater Calgary business community into a comfortable setting for intimate gatherings. The tenant lounge is crafted like a boutique hotel lobby to host workday functions and evening social events with equal grace. Additional amenities include a revamped food court and spa-like fitness centre.

What was once a peripheral building in QuadReal’s portfolio has now become a focal point, giving heart and soul to the district in which it stands.

This project illustrates how Lifescape™ thinking can enrich the tenant experience. While landlords throughout Calgary were facing record vacancy levels, QuadReal was able to attract a major tenant to fill the office space of the building.

240FOURTH’s transformation has elevated the perception of the building and the surrounding community. The project is powerful persuasion for leaving the home office and returning downtown — to meet and collaborate in inviting spaces.

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