Bringing utility design to EPCOR Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant


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EPCOR is a utility provider to more than 2 million customers in Canada and the U.S. providing power, water, drainage, and natural gas services. We have been providing master planning and design services to the EPCOR Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant in Edmonton for the last two years for a variety of their operation, maintenance, administration, and laboratory buildings.

Our scope of work continues today on a variety of investigations to assist EPCOR in determining the best repurposing of their existing operation facilities. Currently, our Industrial Team are working on three separate studies and investigations that all relate to each other through a phasing redevelopment plan. The three existing buildings we are in the process of studying include an Operation Centre, an administration building, and a laboratory building. We have completed the design for the renovation and expansion of the Operation Centre, and it is currently under construction.

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