Designing a world class, sustainable water disinfection facility

Metro Vancouver

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Metro Vancouver


Coquitlam, BC


17222 SF


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The Coquitlam UV Disinfection plant was designed to strengthen the primary disinfection capability of the gravity-fed unfiltered Coquitlam water supply through the provision of UV disinfection.

This world-class, LEED Gold certified, state-of-the art water disinfection facility consists of a 51m long, 14.5m wide and 13m high structural steel framed metal clad building with a 4m deep basement. Surrounding the main plant building on the west and south are the ancillary service rooms and the administration building, respectively. These are functionally connected to but structurally separated from the main building, in order to simplify the structural response of the facility to the relatively high code prescribed for seismic loads.

This project’s large space steel structure, combined with administration requirements, demonstrates the design team’s ability to integrate the project’s structural requirements into functional building requirements while incorporating the client’s specialized equipment. Further, the project is enhanced by the overall site development and associated civil works.

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