Join Ian Sinclair speaking at the Canadian Centre for Healthcare Facilities in Toronto

Reconnecting, Redesigning, and Rebuilding

At this event, the Canadian Centre for Healthcare Facilities (CCHF) Toronto brings together its network of healthcare leaders in person for the first time in three years. This year’s discussion will reflect on the increasing pressures on the health system, combined with a shifting policy and priority landscape, thus, creating a need for intentional strategic planning to ensure health systems remain resilient.


Join our panel discussion with Ian Sinclair, Kasian Principal and Vice President of Healthcare; David Klassen, Vice-President, Design Build from Ellis Don; Tom Barlow, Partner at Fasken; and Mike Keen, Vice President of Facilities and Redevelopment at Unity Health as the moderator as they bring into focus strategic, operational, and capital/design perspectives, and solutions for how challenges can be addressed to achieve a sustainable healthcare system.


Conference discussion topics include:

– unpacking health workforce trends and adapting workplace strategy, including wellness through the operations and physical design

– digital health’s role in alleviating ‘cost of contact’ in the system and improving high-value care in health facilities

– unlocking capacity, and reducing backlogs in hospitals, considering post-acute care health builds, complex care, long-term care, rehab care, ambulatory care, and surgical care centres

– managing financial, and legal risks, while balancing social policy objectives such as inclusiveness, diversity, and reconciliation.

Conference details

Date: Tuesday, November 29 2022

Time: 8AM- 5 PM ET

Location: Fasken Law Firm, Bay Adelaide Centre 333 Bay Street #2400, Toronto


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