Join Christine Craik presenting at Altro International Forum

Caring for the carers

The 2022 International Care Forum is two days of focused discussions and presentations around the theme of ‘caring for carers.’ Featuring three specialist speakers, our sessions consider the importance of designing good quality functional care spaces that work for residents and staff. This exciting event gives you opportunities to meet with healthcare industry experts and take part in discussions on industry innovations, trends and specification priorities.


Christine speaks about improving long-term and senior care community design and development. Through interviews, journal research, investigative study and case study analysis, we’re working to find practical solutions for the serious challenges facing the delivery of long-term care in Canada.

Presentation Details

Hosted by Altro

Where: Altro Showroom London, 15 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0DP

When: November 3-4, 2022


To find out more about the event, register here.

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