Michelle Leitch

Associate - Interior Designer


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I’m inspired by challenge, and stepping outside normal boundaries to overcome it.

With over 30 designing and managing large-scale commercial and institutional projects, I bring a pragmatic, inquisitive, and energetic approach to everything I do. As a senior interior designer, my work involves managing project workflow, building and maintaining staff and client relationships, and improving departmental processes; as well as contributing directly to each finished project. I empower and encourage my fellow collaborators to push past their limitations.


My Sectors:  Government Administration, Healthcare, Industrial, Senior Living, Workplace

My Services: Facilities Planning, Interior Design, Planning, Design & Conformance (PDC)


We Asked, Michelle Answered:


What drew you to design?

“I started drafting single-family homes by hand when I was very young—imagining what it would be like to have my own room. Though my path led to other areas of expertise besides residential design, what keeps me in the profession is the variety. No two projects are alike, and that’s what keeps it interesting.”


What makes a great design?

“Understanding the client and what they need, precisely defining their goal, and creating the best solution that addresses that goal at the big-picture level—while also delivering form, function, and delight in the details.”