Mauro Di Carlo


OAA, LEED AP, M.Arch, NSAA, Architect AAA, EDAC

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Every new project is a dance that we learn, creating something dynamic together.

I have 25 years of experience championing the planning, design, and management of notable healthcare projects in Canada. Using various client management skills, I have led complex projects through the development process with an emphasis on adhering to the project scope, budget, and risk management strategies.


I’m passionate about mentoring and creating synergy within design teams. I foster an organic collaborative process that leads to creative solutions. My recent notable projects include the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre redevelopment, the St. Michael’s Hospital redevelopment, and Kasian’s cross-Canada Mobile Health Unit project. If there’s one thing I love about architecture, it’s that I’m always learning with great people.


My Sectors: Healthcare.

My Services: Architecture, Facilities Planning, Master Planning & Urban Design, Planning, Design & Conformance (PDC).


We Asked, Mauro Answered:


What drew you to architecture?

“I’ve always loved creating. During my student days I would let my imagination run wild to get a sense of what was in me. Experiencing those freedoms helps me work creatively under real-world constraints: even within what may seem like strict limitations, there are many possibilities.”


How would you describe your collaboration style?

“I go head-first into it. I love it. The deeper I get into my career, the brainstorming and solutions that come up are more and more mind-blowing. Seeing others make decisions is fascinating: I don’t have to be talking all the time. Being a good listener is a crucial skill to master.”