Lama Kamareddine



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To create beautiful, lasting buildings and spaces, we must understand project limitations, focus on who we are designing for, and confidently push the boundaries of creativity.

With 15 years in the architectural industry, I have worked on diverse projects across Alberta, British Colombia, and Quebec, including multi-block developments, mixed-use buildings, mid-rise towers, commercial and retail space rehabilitation, office buildings, and townhomes. I am a Registered Architect and Professional Mentor with the Alberta Association of Architects and a member of the Royal Institute of Canada.


I am dedicated to integrating the human scale into every design, ensuring exceptional user experiences. My approach emphasizes visually appealing designs using a simple material palette that blends harmoniously with the surroundings. I lead integrated architecture and interiors projects, creating seamless transitions between exterior and interior spaces.


My strong communication and leadership skills have helped me build lasting relationships with clients and consultants, driving the architectural vision forward and ensuring successful project outcomes.


My Sectors: Commercial Mixed Use; Industrial; Residential; Senior Living; Workplace.

My Services: Architecture; Lifescape; Master Planning & Urban Design.


We asked, Lama Kamareddine answered:


What inspires you?

“Having lived in cities with a dense urban fabric throughout my early life, I find animated urban streetscapes to be incredibly inspiring. Seeing how people interact with the built environment when it has been designed to capture their attention and how it effortlessly maintains their continuous interest, is quite fascinating.”


What makes for a successful project

“A successful project is one that has landed on a strong design narrative during the early design stages and has managed to maintain its design intent through to construction. Given all the complexities we must navigate as designers during the process, it’s essential to maintain an effective collaboration between all the parties involved. This collaboration helps in managing client expectations and requests and staying within budget constraints without compromising on the design quality and therefore achieving a built design that all the stakeholders can celebrate and be proud of.”