George Miu

Senior Associate

Architect AIBC, NSAA, B.SC., B.Arch, LEED AP

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Architecture is like jazz: you can always find opportunities to surprise and delight.

Drawing on over three decades of experience, my work primarily focuses on the healthcare and institutional sector. I have completed large-scale Public Private Partnership projects, as well as complex renovations within fully functional hospitals with intricate phasing strategies. I lead multi-disciplinary teams on architectural projects from their inceptions through to commissioning. My recent notable projects include the Royal Inland Hospital Inpatient Tower, Stanton Territorial Hospital, the Royal Inland Hospital Clinical Services Building, and the Lakes District Hospital.


My Sectors: Healthcare.

My Services: Architecture, Project Management, Planning, Design & Conformance (PDC).


We Asked, George Miu Answered:


What drew you to architecture?

“I completed my undergraduate degree as a physics major and was working at a high-end electronics store. One day we went to install a massive setup for a customer. When we arrived, all we could see was a carport! Then we saw the gate, and then a cable tram, which carried us down the steep slope, and the house revealed itself to us: a West Coast Modern marvel on Vancouver’s North Shore. The home was designed by Bruno Freschi, who was Chief Architect for Expo86. That was a moment of inspiration for me, where I realized what my path could be.”


What makes a great design?

“A great design starts by being responsive to the client’s needs, and that includes sensitivities to the building’s physical, cultural, and political surroundings. You and the client have to be on the same page: in a way, you’re sharing a dream.”