Doug Niwa

Principal - Interior Design


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Let’s collaborate and create something timeless.

I have over 30 years of experience in interior designI build teams that meet client objectives with responsive, intelligence-based design that uses research and a cohesive rationale, whether the style is modernist, traditional or whimsical. I love surprising my clients with boutique design elements like custom lighting and furnishings to bring that deeper level of detail to reimagined spaces. 


I’m proud of my award-winning work: some of my more notable projects in downtown Calgary include 240FOURTH and the Livingston Club at Livingston Place, as well as office spaces for law firms like Bennett Jones LLP, Gowling WLG, and Parlee McLaws LLP. I’m hands-on, detail-oriented and thrive on creative collaboration. I embrace the design process and ensure my team, as well as the client, enjoys the journey we all take together that’s the key to a great design outcome.


My Sectors: Workplace

My Services: Interior Design


We asked, Doug Niwa answered:


What makes a great design?

“A great design is strategic, and it’s responsive to a client’s needs. Great design is informed there’s a rationale for it. It’s timeless, elegant, and solid.”


What drew you to Kasian?

“Most of my team in Calgary and I had previously worked together as an independent design firm. The owner was looking to retire, and we collectively made the decision that Kasian would be a great fit for us and would give us the opportunity to broaden our horizons. We’d have a greater depth and breadth of project opportunities. Our presence as interior designers at Kasian is significant and very much part of the business. The opportunity to do integrated work with the architectural team has been very rewarding.”