Designing a modern community health services centre for Quinte, Ontario

Belleville Quinte West Community Health Centre

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Belleville Quinte West Community Health Centre


Quinte, ON


18,000 SF


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A new home for much-needed community health services

The healthcare team at Belleville Quinte West Community Health Centre had been relying on temporary structures to serve their users and they needed a permanent home. Serving a diverse population of over 43,000 in a community two hours east of Toronto, the healthcare team asked us to design a new building to become a focal point for the community as well as a place of healing.



Creating space for balance

The site had a cross slope from the north-west corner to the south-east corner of approximately 5 meters. We had to work within this dramatic slope to accommodate access at the main and lower levels for users with varying mobility and provide sufficient vehicle parking.

To speed up the overall process, the design timeframe was reduced and separated from the planning and construction phases to meet the Ministry’s capital planning approval requirements.


We’re proud to give Quinte West/Trenton a new modern place of health and wellness the community deserves and can be proud of themselves. The design specifically enables the delivery of healthcare and wellness to the immediate and surrounding community.”

John Kapov




Simple, natural and healing

We conducted a transparent design process, collaboratively engaging the client from footprint to colour palate. Our inclusive approach included community consultation workshops to gather input from clinicians, administrators, and residents.

In creating a people-centric and patient-friendly space with a clean and modern aesthetic, we kept the design functional without sacrificing the details that would make the building feel warm and welcoming.

We created a building that delivers individual, family, and community wellness—it serves as a gathering spot for the neighborhood in providing services that raise overall quality of life, even for those without immediate medical needs.

Outdoor space factored heavily in the design: balconies and a roof terrace encourage clinicians, patients, and visitors to enjoy fresh air. Central to the design is a set of oval retaining walls and gardens that symbolically represent the community that this health hub serves. Garden spaces provide a connection to nature, which contributes to patient comfort and overall wellbeing.

Safety and security were paramount for this facility. So the design includes UV-C lighting in the washrooms to help eliminate bacteria, mold and viruses and hence increase the safety for staff and clients.

Full-height windows on each floor maximize the penetration of natural light into the building. The building’s orientation is based on easy access for visitors and quick connections to the adjacent hospital. The scale of the building conveys its importance to the neighborhood while respecting the residential nature of nearby homes.



A health hub the community deserves

The project was delivered on schedule and under budget. We leveraged the challenges of the site and integrated the natural landscape into beneficial features: the steep landscape provided the perfect setting for a simple but elegant ground-floor terrace, and the emphasis on natural environment and open space makes it friendlier to post-pandemic sensibilities.

The Belleville Quinte West Community Health Centre now has a sense of permanence, and the neighbourhood it serves, benefits from a welcoming space that promotes gathering and healing.

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