Deploying a highly sophisticated baggage security system without impeding YVR operations

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Enhancing the checked baggage process at YVR

The Vancouver International Airport (YVR) has been ranked by Skytrax as North America’s best airport – based on design and passenger comfort – for a record 12 consecutive years, from 2010 through 2021.

Our relationship with YVR began over 25 years ago with high-quality renovation projects in the terminal. Strengthening our partnership, and as YVRAA’s trusted Baggage Handling System integration experts, we were selected as the base building Prime Consultant for the Hold Bag Screening (HBS) Recapitalization Project. The project required a complete overhaul of the airport’s baggage systems, with the goal of bringing them into compliance with Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) standards, further ensuring a world-class traveler experience.



Implementing new baggage systems within an operational airport

The International Building Terminal (ITB) & The Domestic Terminal Building (DTB)  HBS Recapitalization projects were part of the CATSA initiative to convert HBS across Canada from a five-level screening process to a three-level process.

These outbound systems were upgraded in-situ while handling a peak baggage volume of 39,000 bags per day and one million outbound passengers a month. As part of this project, 11 highspeed, CT Examiner screening machines were installed, each machine weighing around 15,000 pounds. Detailed planning and open communication were instrumental in achieving this massive undertaking in coordination.

We were impressed with the care Kasian took to coordinate a major hydronic pipe relocation around one of the new electrical rooms. A millimeter-accurate design study was produced to help ensure the best effort had been made to optimize the area for future operation and maintenance. Kasian’s attention to detail highlighted their honest concern for the operational needs of our airport, the accessibility needs of our staff, and the resulting seamless experience of our customers. We’re glad to have had Kasian on our project team.”

Gideon Pangestu

Manager, Engineering Projects, YVR



Implementing new baggage systems within an operational airport

Our Transportation team leveraged Building Information Modeling (BIM) and a myriad of collaboration platforms to ensure building infrastructure was upgraded to suit the specific requirements of the heavy screening machines.

A few geographical HBS locations posed a greater challenge due to the need to work on critical services such as large hydronic pipes or high-voltage cable trays, while maintaining baggage cart operations below.

We worked with the stakeholders of each location on planning and coordination for several weeks, in some cases months, in advance of construction. Exceptional leadership on behalf of the two prime contractors – Vanderlande Industries and Ledcor – led to successful installations where construction safety, code compliance, and maintainability were always top of mind.



A flawless choreography supported by exceptional behind-the-scene preparation

The complexity of this project was highlighted by the sheer size of CTX scanners. Successfully coordinating the design of new baggage handling systems within an operational facility required a uniquely qualified team.

To ensure existing operations continued without disruption or impeded access, we had to verify that no clashes between the architectural discipline, base building geometry and baggage handling system existed. Coupled with our extensive experience of YVR facilities and operations, our proficiency leveraging BIM, REVIT, point cloud scanning, clash detection technologies and leading the user engagement process was paramount.

Enabling the Vancouver International Airport Authority (YVRAA) to upgrade their Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) facilities to the highest standards of air travel security was an absolute privilege. The Kasian-led design team took great pride in leading the base building design of this critical infrastructure aimed at guaranteeing the safety of the general public. This feat of engineering would not have been possible without the participation and leadership of CATSA, Vanderlande Industries (VI), Coniferous, Ledcor, RJC, MCW, CFT a Jensen Hughes Company, BBS and so many others.”

Jean-Daniel Bernier

Associate, Senior Project Architect



Further establishing a world-class traveler experience at YVR

By quickly and accurately verifying all baggage complies with U.S. and European standards, the HBS Recapitalization Project allows YVR passengers to experience enhanced time efficiency in the checked baggage process and travel with assurance that the facility employs the latest in security standards technology.

From November 2016 to January 2022, our progressive replacement of the entire HBS system occurred without ever compromising safety and without ever delaying a single scheduled flight. As a result, flying in and out of Vancouver was always ‘business as usual’ – though the baggage screening is now faster, more efficient, and the ergonomics and comfort of federal agents at the airport considerably improved.

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