A new model for learning

North America’s most technologically advanced student library

Taylor Family Digital Library

Aligned with the University of Calgary’s mission of becoming one of Canada’s top 5 research facilities by 2016, the Taylor Family Digital Library (TFDL) was designed to change the way people use a library. Moving away from antiquated processes of the past, the University wanted to give its students, city and community a space that would best serve their information and learning needs.

Working closely with students and instructors gave us insight into what features would have the biggest impact. The facility became much more than a library; it became a catalyst for human activity at the heart of the campus.


  • Client University of Calgary
  • Location Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Size 245,000 ft2
  • Construction Value $145 M
  • Completed 2011

The design allows students to work anywhere, while still providing some structure and comfort, enabling the students to self direct their interaction and use of the spaces in a variety of expected and unexpected ways

Bill Chomik Kasian Design Lead

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