Building at the border

Improved access and flow-through by design

Pacific Highway Border Crossing

As the economy between Canada and the USA continues to grow, commercial inspections at the Pacific Border Crossing are on the rise. The 1985 facility needed to expand in order to better manage increasing bus and truck traffic.

Working within the current layout of the border crossing, we completed programming exercises to appropriately place the new inspection warehouse and administration offices in relation to existing infrastructure. Security is of utmost importance; through the use of translucent structural fibreglass panels our design protects the physical and visual access of secure areas. Clerestory windows were integrated into our design to provide increased natural light, visual access to the warehouse floor and an improved overall workspace for users.


  • Client Canada Border Services Agency
  • Location Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
  • Size 20,000 ft2
  • Construction Value $6 M
  • Completed 2011

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